1) Is mod_fcgi still being developed?I see mention of patches but they 
obviously didn't get into the official source code - I have set up things 
using CPanel's EasyApache and it downloaded the latest 2.2 but the source 
does not show evidence of these patches

2) After mod_fcgi got installed, some directories being protected with 
Apache / Digest authorization etc are no longer.  As far as I can tell, 
mod_fcgi does not play nicely with the Apache modules for authorization and 
so I am now running around in circles trying to figure out how to fix things.

I've added the PassHeader directive, I've tried 
FastCgiAuthenticatorAuthoritative off...  I am forced to admit I've bumped 
up against the limits of my knowledge about Apache and how it works 
internally.  I'm not enthused about applying patches to mod_fcgi - it bugs 
me that authentication tasks don't seem to be passed to the other modules...

So I'm wondering if there is a easy fix to things I am missing, if I ought 
to just switch to mod_fastcgi b/c they have dealt with this problem 
already, or if I'm just flat out of luck in thinking the Apache 
authorization modules can be used with fastcgi anything and so i'd have to 
write my own stuff to handle it

thanks for any help, guidance, urls...


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