On Thu, 20 Aug 2009, Noor wrote:

> According to the results, setting a top of 8 processes for the
> FastCGI-launched php-cgi process would achieve a remarkable boost in
> performance. Even better than setting 100 processes, and each equipped
> with an eAccelerator opcode.


Were these 100 php processess spawned before launching the benchmark?
Spawning 100 heavy PHP processess is very resource-greedy.
mod_fcgid additionaly holds new process spawning if spawn rate is to high
(that's dependent on config).

Start logging vmstat (i.e. "vmstat -w 5") output on benchmarked server just
before launching each benchmark, run it while benchmark is running and some
time after it ends.

Compare vmstat output for benchmarks.
Take a look on http server error log too.

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