Am Freitag 18 September 2009 19:24:14 schrieb Chris Darroch:
> Hi --
>    Some months ago, Ryan Pan, the developer of mod_fcgid, generously
> contributed the module to the Apache Software Foundation.
>    The httpd project has worked gradually since then to prepare a
> new release of mod_fcgid.  A first beta release of mod_fcgid 2.3.1
> is now available from the new Apache mod_fcgid site:
>    For anyone who is interested, please take a moment to download
> the beta and give it a try!  Bugs reports, patches, and feature
> requests are very much encouraged -- we expect to continue making beta
> and full releases of mod_fcgid over the coming months.
>    Please file such reports and requests in the Apache Bugzilla
> (, under the product "Apache httpd-2"
> and using the component "mod_fcgid".
>    If you're filing a patch -- which is always very helpful! --
> please attach it as a unified diff to the bug report, using the
> patch format described in,
> and mark the bug report with the keyword "PatchAvailable".
> Keywords are available by clicking the "Show Advanced Fields"
> link when entering a bug report.
>    Just as a note, this mailing list will *not* be monitored for
> bug reports or patches.
>    The usual Apache httpd mailing lists are available instead
> for mod_fcgid-related discussions; see
> for a full description of the different lists.
>    At some point soon I will also try to get the old SourceForge
> mod_fcgid site to begin redirecting users to the Apache mod_fcgid one.
> Ryan's site already points users over to Apache
> as well.
>    Finally, a very big thank you is due to Ryan and all the others in
> and out of the ASF who've help to make this beta release possible!
> Chris.

thanks for news. 

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