Josiah Purtlebaugh <josiah.purtlebaugh <at>> writes:

> Hello,
> >From the page you linked:
> "It is only known to work on Apache with mod_php, other SAPI
> implementations unfortunately still have issues.
> At least PHP 5.2 is needed."
> mod_php and mod_fcgid are fundamentally different; as this script is
> known to work only on mod_php that means it is not meant to function
> through CGI interfaces (like mod_fcgid uses).
> I would seek out another script, but short of tearing the code apart I
> cannot tell you exactly why it won't work.
> Josiah Purtlebaugh


i read that on the linked page.

But it is still working in mod_fastcgi, that's why i ask?

I read something about disable output_buffering but without success.

Best regards

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