On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 4:57 PM, Stefan Eichenberger <eich...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Patch a66871a2876be2236f634ff6b5e59d20de1ce5df introduced a single usb
> system check but this does not work on my system. It seems that the
> check where GOTO is executed is applied per device. Subsystem is then
> tty and not usb, so this rule fails at this moment. Also
> ATTRS{idVendor}!="12d1" does not work for the same reason I think.

I have merged the subsystem and idVendor checks in a single rule, and
fixed the interface number based properties to again use the hidden
.MM_USBIFNUM property. Looks like I really messed up the rules and for
some reason I wrongly tested that stuff, sorry for that. Please retest
with git master and let me know if you're still experiencing issues.

That said, I think we could make the rules much simpler and safer by
using udev's built-in properties like ID_VENDOR_ID or
ID_USB_INTERFACE_NUM, because those are already set in the actual port
device so we don't need to mess around with matching against parent
device attributes with ATTRS{}. I'll likely prepare a patch and
suggest that in the mailing list.

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