>> I am a little bit surprised that the modem uses the ppp-interface in your
>> case. When I read your logfiles right, then you have a device which is sold
>> under the name "Speedsick LTE V" in Germany.
> How do you achieve non-PPP option in nm-applet? Whenever I select "Mobile 
> broadband" there are these option driver-based and PPP-based fields. Should I 
> use "Ethernet" instead?

This is transparent to the user; the user doesn't know whether the
connection will be through PPP or a WWAN network interface. The
PPP-based fields are always there, but they won't apply if the
connection goes through a WWAN network interface. This is not ideal,
but right now there's no way for NM to know the type of interface that
will be used for the connection later on; only when it has been
already established.

>> This device should use the wwan-device by huawei_cdc_ncm.
> I am glad to hear that as well, but can you tell me if ModemManager realizes 
> that wwan0 was renamed by OpenRC to wwp0s29u1u2i2 ? Does that interfere 
> anyhow?

That won't interfere no, as long as the network interface renaming
rules are run before MM's own udev rules.

> Can you tell if ModemManager should run "usb_modeswitch -J -v 0x12d1 -p 
> 0x14fe" automagically (I have v.2.4.0 of usb_modeswitch")?

ModemManager doesn't run any usb_modeswitch command itself.
usb_modeswitch is usually run way before the MM rules are applied.

>> I know three different kinds of this device
>> E3372 hilink-mode (cdc_ether) direct from huawei
>> E3372 - Telekom - huawei_cdc_ncm
>> K5160 - Vodafone -mbim/cdc_ether
>> In no case a fallback to ppp should be needed.
> That is what I also thought, especially because Alexander asked me in the 
> beginning of the thread if I have the CDC_NCM or CDC_NCM_HUAWEI enabled.

Does the list of ports in the "mmcli -m [N]" output show any "cdc-wdm" port?

> I have compiled:
> # grep CONFIG_USB_NET_ /usr/src/linux-4.9.2/.config
> # CONFIG_USB_NET_AX8817X is not set
> # CONFIG_USB_NET_AX88179_178A is not set
> # CONFIG_USB_NET_CDC_EEM is not set
> # CONFIG_USB_NET_DM9601 is not set
> # CONFIG_USB_NET_SR9700 is not set
> # CONFIG_USB_NET_SR9800 is not set
> # CONFIG_USB_NET_SMSC75XX is not set
> # CONFIG_USB_NET_SMSC95XX is not set
> # CONFIG_USB_NET_GL620A is not set
> # CONFIG_USB_NET_MCS7830 is not set
> # CONFIG_USB_NET_ZAURUS is not set
> # CONFIG_USB_NET_CX82310_ETH is not set
> # CONFIG_USB_NET_KALMIA is not set
> # CONFIG_USB_NET_INT51X1 is not set
> # CONFIG_USB_NET_CH9200 is not set

Ok, huawei-cdc-ncm is enabled.

But how about the cdc-wdm driver (CONFIG_USB_WDM)?

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