> On 15 February 2017 at 18:04 Aleksander Morgado <aleksan...@aleksander.es> 
> wrote:
> The purpose of ID_MM_PHYSDEV_UID is to have the user provide a "unique
> id" which may be used as name when referencing a modem, e.g. "mmcli -m
> NAME"; but that also serves the purpose of binding together ports with
> the same "unique id", as the default "unique id" being used right now
> is the sysfs path of the physical device (the one that owns all
> ports).

OK, I've added that and now - albeit with an ugly hack because of the 'parent' 
issue in the driver - have the two ports on the same modem. Might try again on 
the driver at some later date.
Thanks for guidance.
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