>>>>>> I can confirm that LE866-SV1 uses Telit custom 3GPP2 PDU format: there
>>>>>> should be a PDU example in the AT commands user guide (see +CMGS
>>>>>> 3GPP2), while EU variants use 3GPP.
>>>>> Thanks for the information. Then it is expected that the USA version (the
>>>>> one I reported) does not work with ModemManager because it uses 3GPP2 PDU
>>>>> format? Or is this format also supported in ModemManager?
>>>> My understanding is that it is currently not supported in ModemManager.
>>> But... 
>>> https://cgit.freedesktop.org/ModemManager/ModemManager/tree/src/mm-sms-part-cdma.c
>>> The issue here is that the message isn't formatted as 3GPP2/CDMA
>>> because the modem is actually an LTE modem (i.e. 3GPP). As soon as a
>>> modem is 3GPP, we use the 3GPP format, see:
>>> https://cgit.freedesktop.org/ModemManager/ModemManager/tree/src/mm-base-sms.c#n311
>>> The question now would be, is this something that happens to all
>>> US-version Telit modems?
>> As far as I know this happens only for Verizon customization that uses
>> SMS over IMS with 3GPP2 pdu.
>>> Isn't this actually a bit weird, given that
>>> the LE866-SV1 is actually LTE-only (i.e. 3GPP-only, not 3GPP2)?
>> Looks like a carrier requirement for SMS.
> See also Reinhard's comment about this:
> https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/modemmanager-devel/2016-January/002468.html

Interesting... I now wonder how we can setup all this to work
automatically, if at all possible. We don't have any carrier-specific
customization right now anywhere. Maybe some user specified parameter
asking for a specific type of PDU to generate?

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