OK, I'll need some time to understand at which level make the changes, but
I think it's fine

On 2 August 2017 at 19:19, Aleksander Morgado <aleksan...@aleksander.es>

> >> Note that this issue is again unrelated to the actual hot sim swapping
> >> logic implemented; but now that we're starting to support hot sim
> >> swapping, we should probably also check that usecase. At the end Telit
> >> isn't the only module that may power off SIM Card during low power
> >> mode.
> >> So, how about a manual check to validate whether the SIM is different
> >> or not?, e.g comparing whether the old property values we got before
> >> the low power mode are still the same ones now after the power up...
> >
> > I understand, but I think that it is not strictly related to power low as
> > well and it should not be taken into account there. Maybe a SIM power OFF
> > mode? I do not know if this make any sense, but I see it more logic.
> >
> > Ideally, the modem should notify that is going to shut the SIM OFF, then
> the
> > Core can manage it, e.g. checking if something changed as you said, when
> the
> > SIM will be swiched ON again.
> >
> Don't think we can rely on all modems reporting that the SIM is going
> off or on, that is why i was thinking on a more generic solution based
> on comparing SIM details, it's probably a good fallback.
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