Hi Aleksander,

On 09/08/17 21:47, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
> It depends on how you're going to do it, but if you implement a
> mm_port_serial_force_disconnect() method or something similar, which
> takes care of all the logic you're preparing, you could just ignore
> internally the fact that the port is flagged as connected, although
> that involves some logic in MMPortSerial as well...
> Maybe using an enum instead of a boolean for that state flag? E.g.

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm currently adding the logic in mm_port_serial_at_disconnect() and
associated _finish etc. functions as suggested...

If practical, I think it's probably best to use
mm_port_serial_at_command to implement the disconnection check (AT->OK),
and also the escape sequence sending.  I'll have a look at adding the
extra state and accessor etc. functions to MMPortSerial to support the
extra state, plus a member to carry out a serial break...



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