>>> > > Was the wwan0 interface down while you executed simple-connect?
>>> >
>>> > wwan0 being up is the most likely cause.  But seeing the debug logs
>>> > to
>>> > confirm this would be good.
>>> >
>>> > I started thinking about solving this in the driver, but ended up
>>> > falling back to the original decision: The interface must be
>>> > down.  This
>>> > is the way it is.  You should respond to any error when attempting
>>> > to
>>> > write to the sysfs file.
>>> Should we bring the interface down ourselves in MM when trying to
>>> write to the sysfs file?
>> Yeah, set_expected_data_format() should check if the interface is up
>> and then take it down, set the data format, and bring it back up.
>> This would kill a data connection if somebody ran "qmicli --set-
>> expected-data-format=xxx" while the connection was active, but then
>> they shouldn't do that...
> Exactly.  There is no way you can make the device work both before and
> after a data format change, so maintaining a connection while switching
> format makes no sense.

Ok. This should go to libqmi directly I would say, to the
set_expected_data_format() implementation.

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