That’s now half a year I’m using modem-manager-gui and mmcli for mainly
smses and ringing, since I did first put my sim card in my computer it
has greatly helped me to get rid of my previous phone, which I anyway
adopted unwillingly/a-bit-forcedly and didn’t have a fully free
operative system (although that would be probable that there is a
read-only proprietary blob or even OS in my 3G modem in my computer), as
I don’t like the idea of having several computers with several configs
and systems to maintain and configure…

Now since I have a micro, a speaker, and a micro+headphone jack port,
and I can rings phone, and, currently only by triggering mmcli, see if
I’ve been called: I’d like to know if there’s a way to make voice calls,
since I can anyway ring phones. I did read somewhere that it didn’t
necessarily mean the modem had a way to receive/send audio from/to the
main system. But also I *think* I’ve seen at some point stuff related to
phone calls in modem manager API by searching informations on the web,
so I’m better asking there I guess.

Currently it’s a bit frustrating as when I’m called, it rings, so people
think I’ve seen it, but I never see the call (since I never think to do
“mmcli -m n --voice-list-calls” and “mmcli -m n --call=m” before
shutdown), while if my computer is off I receive an sms saying I
received it. Yet now I can benefit of 3G I almost never let it so, so
that I can know when I receive an sms, and can seed all the day while

Anyway I’d like to know what would be the standard way under GNU/Linux
(by opposition with other operating systems such as Android) to make a
phone call, that is to pass the micro input, to get the output to the
speakers, and such… would it uses jack? pulseaudio? some lowlevel
feature of alsa or a device in /dev? Is there already anything? can I do
anything? Because in reality it often easily dissuades me to make phone
calls, that can be useful or even required for some things in everyday
life or administrative stuff…

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