Russ Westrem <> writes:

> EM7565 is stuck in qdloader mode.

It always boots directly into qdloader mode?  Then I guess there is
something wrong with all the installed images.

> Im trying to use qmi-firmware-update tool.

That won't work.  It doesn't support the protocols used by the EM7565 (yet).

Use one of the officially supported tools from Sierra Wireless.

> Im getting this error
> russ@russ-Studio-1745:~$ sudo qmi-firmware-update \
>> --update \
>> -d 1199:9090 \
>> --device-open-mbim \
>> SWI9X50C_01.05.01.00.cwe \
>> SWI9X50C_01.05.01.00_GENERIC_001.028_000.nvu
> error: unknown firmware image file

That's odd, though.  The image format is the same as before, and
qmi-firmware-update should not have any problems parsing it.  Do you
have a corrupted image?

The command makes no sense in any case.  1199:9090 is a QDL device ID,
and it won't ever talk MBIM.

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