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> Subject: Re: [PATCH] u-blox: ignore non-AT ttyACM interfaces
> > A number of plugins do this, like mbm or Cinterion.  But unfortunately
> > the ublox plugin doesn't support GPS yet, and it turns out we can't
> > yet prevent those known GPS ports from being probed either since they
> > get tagged during the "grab" phase after probing.  So nevermind...
> > (though would be good to fix both of these issues).
> >
> Probing shouldn't probe ports flagged as GPS data ports, totally agree.
> Actually, it would probably be a good idea to consolidate the port type tags
> not to be vendor dependent (e.g. not ID_MM_ERICSSON_MBM_GPS_PORT
> but ID_MM_GPS_PORT instead) and then use those new names in the
> probing logic.
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Until the GPS support is added into the u-blox plugin or something like the 
ID_MM_GPS_PORT flag is added, could MM safely just ignore the GPS port like in 
this patch?  Once support is added, the flagging of the GPS ports can be 
changed/removed.  Right now there is a 20 second timeout penalty because of the 
GPS and logging ports and it would be nice to eliminate that.

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