I've just completed the first copy of the mod_perl RPM that I said I was going
to create about a week ago. Sorry this took so long, I had a whole bunch of
things that needed to be done first.

The files are up at:

Features of this RPM:
 - installs mod_perl as an "add in" to the red hat apache
   package, but does not install mod_perl as a DSO and
   all the problems that brings (more details in the appended
   README.RPM file)
 - includes the four header files required for building
   libapreq (libapreq package will follow shortly)
 - distributes plain text forms of the pod documentation
   files that come with mod_perl
 - checks the module magic number on the existing apache
   package to see if things are compatible

I've appended a copy of the README.RPM file distributed with this package which
explains how I went about packing this stuff to make it work like a "add in"
but not make it a DSO.

I'd appreciate it if some people could give this package a whirl using some of
the advanced mod_perl features that don't work in the DSO. This would really
help my confidence that this approach really works. Also, if somebody (perhaps
Geoffrey S Young who was researching this, I think) has a listing of the
features that are broken in the DSO form, please send to the list - I'd like to
include it in the package documentation, and some people might be able to test
that stuff.

I know that this is not the latest copy of mod_perl or Apache. I just tossed
this out. When I get some positive feedback, I'll look at creating an Apache
1.3.9 version (for the red hat 6.1 folks) and try to get the latest mod_perl
version running for Apache 1.3.6.

 - David Harris
   Principal Engineer, DRH Internet Services


notes on this un-conventional RPM packaging of mod_perl

by David Harris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
on Oct 13, 1999

This package will install the mod_perl library files on your machine
along with the following two Apache files:


This package does not install a complete apache subtree built with
mod_perl, but rather just the two above files that are different
for mod_perl.  This conceptually thinks of mod_perl as a kind of an
"add on" that we would like to add to the regular apache tree. However,
we are prevented from distributing mod_perl as an actual DSO, because it
is not recommended by the mod_perl developers and various features must
be turned off. So, instead, we distribute a httpd binary with mod_perl
statically linked (httpd_modperl) and the special modified mod_include.so
required for this binary (mod_include_modperl.so).  You can use the exact
same configuration files and other DSO modules, but you just "enable"
the mod_perl "add on" by following the below directions.

To enable mod_perl, do the following:

  (1) Configure /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd to run httpd_modperl instead of
      httpd by chaning the "daemon" command line.
  (2) Replace mod_include.so with mod_include_modperl.so in the
      module loading section of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
  (3) Uncomment the "AddModule mod_perl.c" line in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Or run the following command: (and the other version to disable mod_perl)

  /usr/sbin/modperl-enable on
  /usr/sbin/modperl-enable off

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