Hi all,

I am going to be working with a small group of "disadvantaged" youngsters
here teaching them how to build web applications with perl and

These are mostly Latino kids who have been doing analog and digital art
for years and have self-selected into webmastering, html-ing and such.

I'm excited to get them going in perl, and I want to appeal to the list
for donations of books on learning perl.

Of course I'm most hopeful that we can get half a dozen copies of the
Llama book and use it as a sort of textbook, but anything will be
gratefully accepted.

An existing site that shows some of the art these kids make (and also
why we need a new one!) can be viewed at http://www.rain.org/~artworks/

A cool project by one of the students is at

Thanks folks,

- nick

Nick Tonkin   {|8^)>

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