There are a few modules on CPAN that seem to be dead.

Without pointing fingers (to myself :-), let's say there is a
module called Dead::Camel someone started to develop, uploaded to
CPAN but it never reached any form of usable version or for some
other reason it is unusable today.

Eliminating these modules from CPAN might do a little good for the

So what should be the course of action with such a module ?
If I encounter such a module what should I suggest to the author ?

Should one just remove all the versions of that module ?

I thought of uploading (and if it is someone else's module than asking the
developer to upload) a newer version of the module that at least says that
this module is not for use and other people are welcome to overtake the

What do other module authors suggest ?

BTW I think this list should be mentioned at least in
but maybe also in

What do you think ?


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