Hi Matthias,

> I'm about to publish a module collection for processing text in Lao
> script that I've tentatively called Lingua::LO::Transform
> (https://github.com/mbethke/Lingua-LO-Transform) but I'm not quite happy
> with the naming.
> […] I currently have
> Lingua::LO::Transform::Syllables
> Lingua::LO::Transform::Classify
> Lingua::LO::Transform::Romanize
> Lingua::LO::Transform::Romanize::PCGN
> Lingua::LO::Transform::Regexp
> […]
> Any ideas on that?

How about Lingua::LO::Processing, or if that feels too generic, you could go 
with Lingua::LO::TextProcessing, but I think the “Text” is pretty redundant in 
that name.

Another possibility is Lingua::LO::NLP, but I don’t the double acronym, and 
people looking for neuro-linguistic programming modules might get annoyed / 
confused :-)


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