A number of people volunteered to take on TimeDate and address the breakage. 
Thank you to all who did.

Given this distribution is fairly far up the CPAN River (more than 8700 other 
CPAN distributions ultimately dependent on it), the PAUSE admins had a 
discussion on who was the best candidate, in terms of CPAN experience, the 
support they have, etc.

As a result we selected Nicolas R (ATOOMIC). I have transferred first-come 
indexing permission on all packages in the distribution to ATOOMIC. Graham 
retains co-maint.

This also points out that we could do with some kind of monitoring system, to 
spots sudden changes in CPAN test results (without a new release). In this case 
lots of people noticed that things started failing, but earlier warning in the 
right place would be useful.

Thanks also to Graham for being happy to pass this on, and his work in getting 
it to this point.


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