Hi L,

> I was trying to use something that had Text::Quote as a dependency.
> It has a bug in its test involving a string compare on floating
> point values (for 2/3) that generates different output on machines
> with different # bits for floating point.
> The bug was filed 6 years ago and is still in New state.
> Attached is a patch and .zip which seems to fix the problem.
> Maintainers: NEILB, YVES
> How would this replace the current module+test?

A good approach is to reply on RT, and include your patch in RT.

I’m pretty sure the person who most recently released it has a github repo, so 
you could also consider going the extra mile and doing a pull request. But 
probably best be patient, as like most of the world, he probably has other 
concerns right now.

Maybe if he’s done nothing in a week or two, email him a nudge?


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