On 1/21/21 11:40 AM, Dave Rolsky wrote:
On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 10:26 AM Diab Jerius <djer...@cpan.org <mailto:djer...@cpan.org>> wrote:

    On 1/21/21 11:06 AM, Diab Jerius wrote:
    > I would hope that at the very least TPF would step forward to
    fund a
    > grant to someone to take over rt.cpan.

    Or maybe not.  Just tried to email the address provided on TPF's web
    site and got this:

    550 5.1.1 <i...@perlfoundation.org
    <mailto:i...@perlfoundation.org>>: Recipient address rejected: User
    unknown in virtual mailbox table

This should be fixed. The info@ address will work now, but I've changed the website to use hello@, which goes to the right people.


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