Hi John,

TL;DR: I’ve transferred the first-come permissions on Algorithm-SkipList to you.

I’m one of the PAUSE admins.
> I was surprised to see Algorithm-SkipList marked as owned by ADOPTME in
> PAUSE, which is not the case in MetaCPAN, where it is owned by Robert
> Rothenburg (although it is marked for adoption, see
> <https://metacpan.org/release/Algorithm-SkipList>).

As Dan Book pointed out, when you search for a module on CPAN, by default 
you’re shown the release that’s in the CPAN Index. Usually that’s the most 
recent release, but it might not be (for example developer releases don’t go in 
the index, and if the uploader didn’t have any indexing permission(s), then it 
would also not be indexed). And the person listed against it is the person who 
uploaded it.

> What is the process for adoption, assuming that RRWO is amenable?

Given it’s marked as ADOPTME, the process is that you ask the PAUSE admins, and 
it’s polite to ask for the blessing of the previous owner (and Robert has given 
that). If the distribution is depended on by a lot of other CPAN modules, then 
we’ll consider whether you’re the right person to take it on, or at least that 
you’re aware that releasing a broken version could result in a cascade of 
failures. If you hover over the bars next to the distribution name, you’ll see 
that two distributions depend on this, which isn’t concerning.

So I’ve transferred first-come from ADOPTME to you, for all the modules in the 
distribution. Thanks for taking this on.

Final point: when you submit requests like these, please include your PAUSE id. 
I hope JGAMBLE was the right John Gamble? ;-)


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