Hi Shlomi,

I’ve given you first-come on the PAUSE indexing permissions for pyperl, and 
dropped GAAS, as per Gisle’s wishes.

Please note:

The distribution doesn’t include a "pyperl" package, but PAUSE now requires 
that someone releasing a distribution has an indexing permission on the package 
name corresponding to the distribution name.

So you now have first-come on "pyperl" as well. At the moment PAUSE has a 
bug[1] whereby if you were to give someone co-maint on this distribution, PAUSE 
wouldn't give them co-maint on pyperl, and as a result any of their releases 
wouldn't be indexed.

Until that bug gets fixed, you either need to remember this – should you want 
to give someone co-maint – or add a pyperl package to the distribution.


[1] https://github.com/andk/pause/issues/362

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