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I'm working on an application that collates text files into a "book". It will 
also provide grade level reports and alternate output formats. I'm looking for wisdom on 
how to organize the Perl code and how to set up the git repo to reasonably replicate the 
namespaces. For reference, the current code is:


The namespace "Book::Collate" has been suggested. In reading the perlmod* documents, my 
plan might be an app. Unless I make the "Book::Collate" modules and then write an app 
that uses them. As an app, usage might be:

        my_app -f <config_file> --report --word-list --thumbs --latex

Assuming the a book repository like:

                /sections       // book chapters, or sections

my_app would make a ~/reports directory (or other, as specified in the 
config_file) and write grade level reports (by section, and by grade) to that 
directory. Because of the --word-list it would also write a file that listed 
words that were frequently used. The --thumbs would make it go into ~/images 
and make a thumbnail image for any image file in the directory. (Useful for web 
pages and listing books on Amazon). It would produce LaTeX and text (default) 
output in ~/output.
So, write modules like this:


and then a app that pulls it all together? Should all the above be one 
repository, or one per namespace? They are tightly coupled, so you couldn't use 
Book::Collate::Report without Book::Collate.

I'd appreciate your help getting this right.



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