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> Howdy!
> I've a module (
> https://metacpan.org/release/DJERIUS/Data-Record-Serialize-0.27-TRIAL)
> which may use JSON and YAML writers.
> For JSON, I use JSON::MaybeXS.  Cpanel::JSON::XS >= 3.0236 is required.
> My code can use either YAML::XS or YAML::PP.  YAML::XS  >= 0.67 is
> required.
> Since JSON & YAML output are optional, I've encoded the XS dependencies as
> runtime recommendations, rather than requirements. JSON::MaybeXS is
> specified as a runtime dependency (as is YAML::PP, but that's a mistake; it
> should also be a runtime recommendation).
> Here are the relevant bits of  META.json (
> https://metacpan.org/release/DJERIUS/Data-Record-Serialize-0.27-TRIAL/source/META.json#L98
> )
>       "runtime" : {
>          "recommends" : {
>             "Cpanel::JSON::XS" : "3.0236",
>             "JSON::PP" : "0",
>             "YAML::XS" : "0.67"
>          },
>          "requires" : {
>             "JSON::MaybeXS" : "0",
>             "YAML::PP" : "0",
>          }
>       },
> Here's the problem, illustrated by this CPAN testers failure:
> http://www.cpantesters.org/cpan/report/2f961e48-6bf6-1014-90df-a468c69b7236
> The smoker has versions of Cpanel::JSON::XS and YAML::XS which are older
> than my required versions.  Since the ::XS versions are prioritized over
> the ::PP versions, the code uses those and thus fails the tests.   I
> presume that because the ::XS versions are  recommendations rather than
> requirements, they weren't updated to the versions that the code requires.
> Is there some way of triggering an update to the required versions via the
> metadata, or should I put a runtime version check into the tests and skip
> if the appropriate versions aren't installed?
> For production runs, I'll have to add a runtime check in the code which
> falls back to YAML::PP if the version of YAML::XS is too old, but I don't
> see how I can do that with JSON::MaybeXS, as there are no hooks to indicate
> acceptable versions of the backend.  I think my only option is to take the
> same approach as for YAML, namely manually specifying which backend
> libraries are acceptable.  I don't like this, as now I can't automatically
> take advantage of JSON::MaybeXS's list of backends.
> Any advice on how to gracefully handle this situation?

There's only two real options, and you might want to do both:

Dynamically add a runtime requires on the required version if you detect
that the optional module is installed but too old. With dzil you can do
this with https://metacpan.org/pod/Dist::Zilla::Plugin::DynamicPrereqs.

At runtime, ensure that the module satisfies your minimum version if it is
present, and if not treat it as if it was not installed.


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