I'm Andrea Tosoni.

Some years ago I started to write some perl scripts because I don't like to
re-made the same thing many times, especially when I have to write
documentation (I'm a hardware designer).

In these years, scripts have become perl modules that work almost fine.

I started from POD idea: merge code and documentation. I added the
possibility to load parameters from an external file or by constants
defined in my code (VHDL or Verilog or some other language). I can also
calculate fields and iterate on lists or similar basic programming
operations.The markup is very easy. Documentation can be split in many
source files without order and it's merged at the end.

I also added the possibility to load images (vectorial images for the
moment) and create tables.

Today my output is a Framemaker file (in my company it is the tool for
official documentation) but I think to add the possibility to export in
Latex (because I like) and Word (because I have to support it).

I don't know if these modules can help somebody else.

Today I have to rework to remove deprecated modules, increase test coverage
and add some missing functionalities and this can be the moment to
organize in official modules, if you think that can be useful.

Thank you for reading my mail.

Best regards,

                        Andrea Tosoni

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