I am developing a module for interacting with the United States PACER
(Public Access to Court Electronic Records) API.  PACER is a US government
service that provides access to over one billion documents relating to
cases that were, or are being, tried before US district courts, US court of
appeals, or US bankruptcy courts.


While the PACER API enables relatively easy access to the service, a module
in CPAN would increase accessibility.  Increasing public access to court
records could result in unforeseen good.  There are several Python projects
on GitHub.com for interfacing with PACER.

Before I started developing this module, I searched CPAN for existing code
but found nothing relevant.  I've found modules for getting US Census,
Postal Service, as well as Treasury Department's OFAC (Office of Foreign
Assets Control) data but nothing related to the judicial system of any

Any suggestions for an appropriate package name?  I was thinking perhaps
Court::US::PACER or USCourt::PACER.

I appreciate any and all comments.

-Brian Erickson

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