[Re-sending this mail originally sent on 10th July, as I realised I
didn't include module-authors@perl.org...]


I'm trying to reach Hideo Kimura (HIDE) to discuss maintainership of the
Catalyst::Plugin::HTML::Scrubber dist:

It hasn't been updated since 2010, and HIDE hasn't released anything
since 2012, so it seems likely that he is no longer active in Perl.

I raised an issue on his GitHub repo on 2023-06-14 offering a new
feature, and offering to take on maintainership if he'd be willing:

I then raised a pull request implementing the feature on 2023-06-20:

I've tried emailing the two email addresses I can find for him
publicly on 2023-06-20 with no response so far.

I believe https://www.linkedin.com/in/hideo-kimura-b6b6abb is him, I've
sent a connection request on 2023-06-28 but no reaction.

I haven't been able to find any other contact details so far.

I'd appreciate if anyone has any other method to contact Hideo, and/or
if we can't reach him, if one of the PAUSE admins would consider giving
me co-maint on it so I can get a new version out.


David Precious (BIGPRESH)

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