On 09/15/2016 04:58 AM, Peter Rabbitson wrote:

... mst already having
abused his oper privileges on irc.perl.org: the irc channel #dbix-class
was registered by me together with #sql-translator and #dbic-cabal back
on 2014-07-21 18:00 UTC, yet with zero communication from any IRC oper
the current stats read:

-ChanServ-      Channel: #sql-translator
-ChanServ-      Founder: ribasushi << ONLINE >>
-ChanServ-   Registered: 2 years 8 weeks (10h 29m 33s) ago
-ChanServ-    Last Used: 9 hours 27 minutes 16 seconds ago
-ChanServ-      Options: Secure

-ChanServ-      Channel: #dbix-class
-ChanServ-      Founder: mst, last seen: 12 weeks 2 days (9h 22m 18s) ago
-ChanServ-   Registered: 12 weeks 2 days (9h 22m 18s) ago
-ChanServ-    Last Used: 7 weeks 5 days (16h 58m 58s) ago
-ChanServ-      Options: Secure


Apparently the incident described above was an actual bug in services. I fully retract the quoted part of the email, with the remainder standing as-is.


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