Hi Ashley & Germain,

I emailed you back in June:

> I’m emailing you wearing my PAUSE admin hat: I’m working on resolving 
> conflicts caused by PAUSE now considering package names case insensitively. 
> This has left us with some situations where two or more people are owners of 
> namespaces previously considered distinct, and now considered the same.
> Ashley (AWIN) has ownership of Qt::Base, which is on CPAN in 
> PerlQt-1.04.tar.gz, and Germain (GGARAND) has ownership of Qt::base, which is 
> on CPAN in PerlQt-3.008.tar.gz. To resolve this conflict, I propose dropping 
> AWIN’s permissions on the older Qt::Base, and also deleting all of the older 
> releases of PerlQt from Ashley’s CPAN author directory (there are a number of 
> older releases of PerlQt appearing in the CPAN index, because various module 
> names were changed across a number of releases. As a result someone could 
> (theoretically) accidentally install the wrong version of PerlQt).

Are you happy for me to make these changes? Seems like they’re the right thing 
to do: I don’t think they’ll cause any problems, it will resolve the conflict, 
and also prevent anyone from accidentally installing an old release.


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