Hi Chritresh,

In August I mailed you:
> I’m one of the PAUSE admins. I’m emailing you because I’m working on 
> resolving conflicts caused by PAUSE now considering package names case 
> insensitively. This has left us with some situations where two or more people 
> are owners of namespaces previously considered distinct, and now considered 
> the same.
> You have ownership of the “file” namespace, and have a “file” module in your 
> link_NCBI distribution:
>       https://metacpan.org/release/link_NCBI
> This now conflicts with the “File” namespace, owned by ADAMK.
> The link_NCBI zip file isn’t packaged as a proper CPAN distribution, and so 
> cannot be installed. As a result I’d like to propose that we resolve the 
> conflict by dropping your ownership of the “file” namespace. Furthermore, I’d 
> suggest that the link_NCBI.* files can be deleted from your CPAN author 
> directory as well.

How would you like to resolve this? Are you happy for the link_NCBI 
distribution to be deleted from CPAN, and all associated permissions to be 

If I don’t hear anything back, I’ll go ahead and drop the permissions, but 
leave the files in your CPAN author directory.


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