Hi George,

In July I emailed you:
> I’m emailing you wearing my PAUSE admin hat: I’m working on resolving 
> conflicts caused by PAUSE now considering package names case insensitively. 
> This has left us with some situations where two or more people are owners of 
> namespaces previously considered distinct, and now considered the same.
> You own the Load namespace, which is used in your FastDB distribution. This 
> now clashes with the “load” module, which is owned by PAUSE user ELIZABETH.
> To resolve this conflict, I’d like to propose that you rename the modules in 
> your distribution to follow the usual convention of all being in the 
> namespace of the distribution. So your modules would be renamed as follows:
>       Delete  =>      FastDB::Delete
>       Load            =>      FastDB::Load
>       Question        =>      FastDB::Question
> I could then drop your permissions on the Delete, Load, and Question 
> namespaces, after deleting the releases which have these module names.

Would you be happy to make this change? Please ask if you’ve any questions 
about this, or would like any help.


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