Hi Eric,

> I’m emailing you wearing my PAUSE admin hat: I’m still working on resolving 
> conflicts caused by PAUSE now considering package names case insensitively. 
> This has left us with some situations where people are owners of namespaces 
> previously considered distinct, and now considered the same.
> You have ownership of the “Types” namespace, because a Types module was 
> previously included in Net-ICal. More recent releases of Net-ICal don’t 
> include this module, and as a result the Types module is in the CPAN index 
> against your Net-ICal-0.11.tar.gz release. This conflicts with the “types” 
> module, owned by ABERGMAN, and included in his “types” distribution.
> To resolve this I propose we do the following:
> - delete the older releases of Net-ICal from your CPAN author directory
> - drop your permissions on the Types namespace

I’ve dropped your permissions on the Types namespace.

Are you happy for me to schedule the deletion of your old Net-ICal releases?


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