Since July I’ve been trying to track down Dan Brumleve (BRUMLEVE), to resolve 
one of the permissions conflicts:

>>>> I’m one of the PAUSE admins. I’m working on resolving conflicts caused by 
>>>> PAUSE now considering package names case insensitively. This has left us 
>>>> with some situations where two or more people are owners of namespaces 
>>>> previously considered distinct, and now considered the same.
>>>> You are owner of the “pragmatic” namespace, and have a “pragmatic” module 
>>>> as part of your wildproto distribution, last released in 2003. This now 
>>>> conflicts with the “Pragmatic” module, owned by BINKLEY.
>>>> I noticed that your distribution hasn’t worked with any version of Perl 
>>>> since 5.12.1, and doesn’t work on most older Perls either:
>>>> <>
>>>> Given that, I wonder if the easiest way to resolve this would be to delete 
>>>> wildproto from CPAN and drop your permissions on the relevant namespaces. 
>>>> Would you be happy for me to do this on your behalf?
>>> Are you happy for your wildproto distribution to be deleted from CPAN, and 
>>> then your permissions on the “pragmatic” namespace dropped?
>> Are you happy for me to delete your wildproto distribution and drop the 
>> associated permissions?
> Given I haven’t had any reply, I will go ahead and drop the PAUSE permissions 
> at the weekend, but will leave the two releases of it in place, unless you 
> say you’re happy for me to delete those as well.

I ended up signing up for a trial of the paid service on LinkedIn, as that 
seemed to be the only place I could track him down. His reply was “yes it is 
fine with me remove it. I doubt my packages have any users”.

Here’s a screenshot showing the InMail response: <>

So I am now going to schedule deletion of the wildproto distribution, and drop 
his permissions.


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