On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 4:56 AM, Graham Dumpleton
<graham.dumple...@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2009/4/15 chunlin <zhangchun...@gmail.com>:
>> I just check my python installation,found the directory is "C:
>> \Documents and Settings\All Users\...\Python 2.6",so I chose All
>> Users.
> That isn't necessarily sufficient indication as there are registry
> entries as well and is is those which are more of an issue as they
> define the directories to look for stuff.
> If you are going to reinstall anythng, install newer Python 2.6.2.
> Don't go back to Python 2.5 as don't supply latest mod_wsgi.so for
> that version of Python.
> So, just try the reinstall of Python like suggested.

But like you say before,the win32
build(mod_wsgi-win32-ap22py26-2.4.so) is for 2.6.1,no problem about
that?(Or I misunderstood?)

Ok,I will try it first(2.6.2),if back to 2.5 I will install too much
python module...

> Graham
>> And I always using a Administrator privilege account(a windows user's
>> usual habbit...).
>> So I had better turn back to python 2.5...:(
>> On Apr 15, 7:21 pm, Graham Dumpleton <graham.dumple...@gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hmmm, I tell a lie. SInce Python 2.6.2 only just got released, the
>>> Apache module must have been compiled against Python 2.6.1. Can't be
>>> bothered starting up Windows at the moment to check.
>>> Anyway, would suggest your problem is therefore likely to be due to
>>> Python not being installed so as to be available to all users. So,
>>> reinstall it as user with Administrator rights and install it for all
>>> users when prompted.
>>> Graham

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