> On 13 Feb 2018, at 7:47 am, Rafael Karosuo <rafaelkaro...@gmail.com> wrote:
> OH!, thank you so much, this is a lot of new useful information.
> I'm testing it right away.
> Do you mean mod_wsgi-express, not mod_wsgi-httpd? Or are you actually using 
> both?
>  I'm using the mod_wsgi as far as I know, since I use
> python manage.py runmodwsgi --reload-on-changes
>  And in my virtual env I have installed the mod_wsgi-httpd, and mod_wsgi.
> A misunderstood that when installing mod_wsgi-httpd you had your configs in 
> an independent mode (separate apache on /tmp for example), and when you don't 
> install mod_wsgi-httpd you have it configured in the main apache 
> installation, which is wrong.

That is not correct.

When you use either mod_wsgi-express start-server/setup-server or runmodwsgi 
Django management command, a generated Apache config is used. This has got 
nothing to do with whether you use mod_wsgi-httpd. The mod_wsgi-httpd package 
only needs to be installed if your system package isn't complete and doesn't 
have header files to allow mod_wsgi to be used. Even when the system Apache can 
be used to compile mod_wsgi against, neither start-server/setup-server or 
runmodwsgi modify the system Apache.

If you want you can still use pip install mod_wsgi method to build mod_wsgi.so 
and then manually configure system Apache to use it, but that is an option and 
not default.

> I'm gonna try to use the mod_wsgi-express script instead of the above command 
> then, to use what you suggested me.

Using runmodwsgi is fine.


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