Hello All,

As part of logrotate config, the httpd process is getting reloaded on a set
time. I was of impression that this should not affect the django serving
(under apache). On the contrary, I see that the django processes are killed
abruptly on httpd reload.

I read through the below documentation on apache stop/start/restart/reload
and it says that the reload should be gracious (which I expected to be
applicable to underlying django process too)


On the other hand the httpd restart graciously restarts the underlying
django process (Meaning: If a process is being served by django, all the
other django processes that are not serving any requests currently goes for
a restart and the one that is serving currently will wait for the current
request to be served completely and then respawns again)

I was expecting the reload behavior to be gracious to django process. Is
there some setting that needs to be done specifically to tweak this
behavior? Thanks.

Thanks & regards,

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