I would like to release version 1.0.0-beta-6 of the extra-enforcer-rules.

The plugin contains extra rules for the maven enforcer 
plugin: http://maven.apache.org/enforcer/maven-enforcer-plugin/
Have a look at the integration test report if you want to see an example.

This is a small bugfix release. It 
fixes https://github.com/mojohaus/extra-enforcer-rules/issues/11

The list of fixed issues can be viewed here:

Open issues: 

Staging repository: 

I followed:
to prepare stuff - but the site doesn't appear to be 
updated? http://www.mojohaus.org/extra-enforcer-rules/

How can I get the site updated?

 [ ] +1 
 [ ] +0 
 [ ] -1 

The vote is open for 72 hours and will succeed by lazy consensus. 

Kind regards
  David Karlsen

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