That's not possible, for the following reason

- Template variables are processed server side, before passing to the 
client browser
- Javascript is executed client side, any changes to the variable (which 
the browser won't even have a record of) won't reflect back up to the 
server. By the time your client side JS is executed, the variable doesn't 
exist, it's just been replaced with the 0 wherever it's been used.

On Thursday, 13 October 2016 23:52:11 UTC+11, Ragini Prasad wrote:
> I am creating a variable in template and stashing it. Basically I want to 
> create a variable in template, modify it in java scripts used in template 
> and pass it to controller.
> <% my $pagestatus=0; %>
> <%= stash "pagestatus" %>
> I need this variable in controller. I am trying to get it there in this 
> way:
> $status= $self->param('pagestatus');
> This value never gets reflected in my controller. What is the right way to 
> do it ?

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