Say in my controller I'm 5 levels deep and discover there is a problem with
the user's input. I call:

        template => 'errors/badValues',
        message => 'The value of foo cannot be "bar"',

And now I want to stop the entire request right there. I guess the
behaviour I'm looking for is that of an exception - return up the call
stack - without having to do something with a return value and then

      or return;

at every stack level. So what I've done is create an exception type and

        template => 'errors/badValues',
        message => 'The value of foo cannot be "bar"',

And then in setup:

    $self->hook( around_dispatch => sub {
        my ( $next, $c ) = @_;
        eval {
        if ($@) {
            my $err = $@;
            if (blessed($err) && $err->isa('StopRenderingException')) {
            } else {
                die $err;

It does have a hacky smell to it though. Is there a better best-practice?


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