I can't see what I'm doing wrong here, I can't access the id placeholder 
value in my auth sub, can anyone help?

In my startup sub I have:

my $auth = $r->under('/' => sub {
   my $c = shift;
   my $auth_model = App::Models::Auth->new();
   if ($auth_model->auth($c)) {
      return 1;
   return 0;


In my auth model I have:

sub auth {
  my $self          = shift;
  my $controller = shift;
  my $id             = $controller->param('id'); # I've tried stash too
  # To simplifiy I'm just checking if there is an $id but this never 
returns I always get the access_error page
  return 1 if $id;
  $controller->render(template => 'example/access_error', status => 401) if 
  return 0;

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