> Thanks for the feedback!  Is this a correct implementation of what you're 
> saying?
> my $db = $pg->db;
> my $results = $db->select('a', [qw/first last birthday age phone/], undef, 
> {limit => $limit, offset => 1});
> my $tx = $db->begin;
> while ( my $next = $results->hash ) {
>   $db->insert('b', $next);
> }
> $tx->commit;
Almost. You do not want more than one active statement handle per 
connection. The while loop
is pointless there anyway, because DBD::Pg does not support cursors. So all 
results will be sent
to DBD::Pg as soon as you call $results->hash for the first time anyway. 
Better to use
$results->hashes->each, which releases the statement handle and frees up 
the connection for


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