I am trying to catch a clic on a link, see below (a user clic on 

@@ exemplestarifs.html.ep
<a href="/rouage-ch_exemple-1.zip">Exemple 1</a> : module 0.09 mm, sécurité 
0.03 mm, nombres de dents : 11 et 53.<br>
<a href="/rouage-ch_exemple-2.zip">Exemple 2</a> : module 0.12 mm, sécurité 
0.04 mm, nombres de dents : 11, 11 et 17.<br>
<a href="/rouage-ch_exemple-3.zip">Exemple 3</a> : module 0.15 mm, sécurité 
0.05 mm, nombres de dents : 11, 17, 53 et 11.<br>

With this code :

get '/rouage-ch_exemple-(:noExemple)' => sub {
  my $c   = shift;
  my $noExemple = $c->param('noExemple');
  log_visite($c,"exemple $noExemple");                       # that should 
write a line in a postresql table, it's the purpose.

But that don't work.

Can please someone help me ?

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