Hi All,

I run my app like:

./script/web_api prefork -w 4 -c 100 -l "http://[::]:8808";

In the startup section, I run a recurring timer and log an entry to the log 
file. However, the '*web api started*' log entry does not repeat 4 times.

    $log->info('web api started');

    Mojo::IOLoop->recurring(60 => sub {
        $log->info($$.' - do refresh_secrets');

Log excerpt:

[Fri Feb 23 15:19:22 2018] [info] web api started
[Fri Feb 23 15:20:22 2018] [info] 9471 - do refresh_secrets
[Fri Feb 23 15:20:22 2018] [info] 9468 - do refresh_secrets
[Fri Feb 23 15:20:22 2018] [info] 9469 - do refresh_secrets
[Fri Feb 23 15:20:22 2018] [info] 9470 - do refresh_secrets

Am I doing something wrong? 

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