I need to use MongoDB(I know it is not recommended here). I used the 
official MongoDB driver like this:

startup {
  $app->helper( 'sem' => sub { state $sem = Coro::Semaphore->new(5); });  

   my @mongo_clients = ();
    $app->defaults({ mongo_clients => \@mongo_clients });
        for ( 1 .. 5 ) {
            push @mongo_clients, MongoDB->connect(

controller_action {
    my $guard = $c->sem->guard;
    my $mongo = $c->stash('mongo_clients')->[($c->sem->count -1)];
    my $users_coll = $mongo->ns('wfh.users');
    my $q = {user_id => 181001};
    my $doc = $users_coll->find_one( $q );

I tried some basic load testing with apache's "ab". It works. But why? 
Isn't Mojo supposed to fail with blocking code?

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