On Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 9:01 AM, Caveman Pl <caveman...@gmail.com> wrote:

> when I use "plugin 'RenderFile';" in single file application it works but
> I dont know how to use it in multiple file scheme.

Weird.  There really should be no difference between the two.  I'm sure
it'll be an obvious mistake once it's realized.  :)

> when I add "$self->plugin('RenderFile');"  to my_app/lib/MyApp.pm
> there is no log errors but it doesn't work.its mean the celFileMetadata.xlsx
> is created by doesnt pushed to web browser.

This is the correct place.  Focus on this and report back with more detail
as to your code, what you tried, what your file structure looks like, etc.

> when I add "$self->plugin('RenderFile');"  to my_app/lib/MyApp/
> Celfilesmetainfo.pm
> than got error
> Can't locate object method "plugin" via package "MyApp::Celfilesmetainfo"
> at /usr/local/share/perl5/Mojolicious.pm line 138

No.  You want it to be in a class that uses Mojolicious as the base
<http://mojolicious.org/perldoc/Mojolicious#plugin>.  So the one above is

> should I add it to my_app/my_app script or somewhere else?


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