Attempting to check out the basic example applications, ran across this:

> While you’re at it why don’t you try Galileo on your home system?
> With a relatively modern Perl simply run
> cpan -i Galileo
> or (if you run with the new crowd)
> cpanm Galileo
> *note: you may have to run these as root depending on your system’s 
> configuration*
> Then configure in your browser after running
> galileo setup
> Finally start your server
> galileo daemon
> [image: Fork me on GitHub] <>

First I installed cpanm (cause "that's what all the cool kids are using").

Then: cpanm Galileo 

Got a warning that I needed to be root (no "Continue?" prompt), it just 
continued on for about 20 minutes installing a bunch of dependencies and 
running tests on them. I figured better to let it finish than abort, then 
uninstall and start over...

But, no such luck. Apparently 'uninstalling' isn't considered a priority 
(albeit, cpan does keep a list, but not cpanm). 

Before we can safely install 'big Perl applications' (with numerous 
dependencies and version-specific features) perhaps we need an installation 
system capable of cleanly installing and/or uninstalling those big apps. 
(Consider that a suggestion for a future 'Mojolicious' project !;) 

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