samedi 11 août 2018, 00:14:41 CEST Roger Crew wrote:
> Mojolicious::Plugin::Loco (*) is now on CPAN.
> Think of it as the poor man's method for creating desktop applications 
> using Mojolicious.
> With the plugin registered, the 'daemon' (**) command starts a server AND 
> launches a browser pointed at it, with a handshake so that browser's 
> sessions are distinguished, and ongoing javascript bits so that server can 
> shut down if the browser window closes and vice versa (sort of).
> The reason this exists is I was staring for a long time at WxWidgets, 
> considering the prospect of learning that whole world, figuring out how to 
> make their event loop and Mojo's play nice together -- which looks to 
> entail being heavily dependent on the innards of both, or somehow sticking 
> them on separate ithreads which looks to be Extra Special Fun given that 
> neither package is really intended for that world anyway -- and was getting 
> a sense of Huge Rabbit Hole.  
> I figure this way, you write your UI in HTML/javascript (because nobody's 
> ever done that before) and you're done.
> Experimental.  
> Certain aspects are known-clunky (e.g., having to close finished 
> tabs/windows manually because window.close has annoying restrictions), 
> and the Security Considerations section (***) might well be a litany of 
> reasons to be wary of this whole endeavor (that plus desktop platforms not 
> being the highest priority targets for Mojo support right now [not saying 
> they should be]).
> Anyway, feedback welcome (including feedback of the form "Wait, so why 
> aren't you using ___?").
> (*) was originally going to call it LocalUI but that would be boring.
> (**) 'prefork' and 'hypnotoad' are likely pointless here.
> (***) and if there's anything really obvious in Security-land that I'm 
> failing to mention, feel free.

Wow ! That is really good ! /me already love it 😍

Thank you very much !
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