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snmpdiskspace.monitor(Document link: R Ratnasagar)                          

I found the solution from net-snmp site.
You have to do the following.

    If you compile with the host resources mib (--with-mib-modules=host),   
    then the hrStorageTable should contain a complete list of devices       
    (and snmpdf will use that table instead so its output will be           
    better as well).                                                        


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hi there....
its been a while since I worked with this stuff ... but from what I
remember you need to specify on the command line that you want the host
resource (HR) mibs included...

basically thats the problem you are having...... those mibs aint in the
system... an you need to rebuild to include them... chances are if you
installed from packages you will need to get the source and build and
install that way...

that was my experience ... well actually the experience of one of my
 underlings at the time :-)



>I am using UCD-SNMP 4.2.3 on Intel Solaris 8. When I use
>snmpdiskspace.monitor I get "Unknown Object Identifier".  Has anybody used
>the monitor script successfully, please let me know.
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