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I downloaded mon-1.1.0pre1.tar.gz, made some experiments with it and now
I am looking for an up-to-date documentation of this version,
essentially a good description of the mon.cf syntax and
the "maybe new" feature "redistribute".....

The lack of documentation is why its 1.1pre instead of 1.1.  :)

I'll try to work on the documentation this weekend.

For starters, I'll add this section:
redistribute alert [arg...]
 A service may have one redistribute option, which is a special form of an
 an alert definition.  This alert will be called on every service status
 update, even sequential success status updates.  This can be used to
 integrate Mon with another monitoring system, or to link together multiple
 Mon servers via an alert script that generates Mon traps.  See the ALERT
 PROGRAMS section above for a list of the parameters mon will pass
 automatically to alert programs.


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